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With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to the decoration of toilets. It is a common phenomenon to install the ceiling in the bathroom. The integrated ceiling in the bathroom must be waterproof and moisture-proof. The integrated ceiling is priced at a price, and the integrated ceiling with good quality is also expensive. What is the price of integrated ceiling in bathroom? Is it expensive? Follow Xiaobian to have a look

price of integrated ceiling in bathroom

next, let's take a look at the quotation of several integrated ceiling in bathroom, and understand it through the actual price:

Classic package of ceiling bathroom of Starlite, 699.00 yuan/set

Deluxe Package of ceiling kitchen and two bathrooms of Starlite, 1688.00 yuan/set

8 square roll coated anti oil stain board series of ceiling kitchen and bathroom of Hanting, 1998.00 yuan/set

golden partner of 1+n bathroom package of oppo appliance, 2784.00 yuan/set

price of integrated ceiling in OPP bathroom

the price of OPP's aluminum gusset plate ceiling material is 2.89 yuan per square meter. The surface of this aluminum gusset plate has many patterns. You can choose according to your preferences. The size of this aluminum gusset plate is 300mm * 300mm. The square aluminum gusset plate will reduce a lot of trouble when you install it

price of plastic steel plate for integrated ceiling in bathroom

the price of this plastic steel plate ceiling material is 50 yuan per square meter, its thickness is only 0.8mm, and its weight is also very light, so it will be very convenient when installing. The biggest feature of plastic steel plate ceiling material is waterproof and moisture-proof, and also anti pollution, good cleaning, especially in the bathroom

price of integrated ceiling in monsoon toilet

the price of this aluminum gusset ceiling material of sijifeng is between 9.60-11.80 yuan per square meter. The surface technology of this integrated ceiling material is roller coated plate, with a size of 300mm*300mm, and the thickness is only 0.5mm, which is only as thick as a few pages of books, which makes this material especially stick to the wall, making the decoration more beautiful

adilanton bathroom integrated ceiling price

the price of adilanton aluminum gusset ceiling material is 5.77-6.97 yuan per piece. This aluminum gusset plate is made of aluminum magnesium alloy, and then the surface of the material is treated with deep-seated special processes to make the aluminum gusset plate more durable. Moreover, this aluminum gusset plate also has 24 colors, which can be mixed when you buy, Make your bathroom different

what materials does the price of bathroom integrated ceiling include

1 The price of integrated ceiling in bathroom is generally determined by labor cost and material cost. Labor is a good solution. As long as you understand the cost, you won't be afraid to be killed. The main factor is the material cost. Most of the materials are about 100 per square meter, and there are thousands of luxury ones. Generally, ordinary families are integrated with aluminum gusset plate, and this price is very favorable, about the price range of 40-70 yuan/square meter, If you add the labor cost, the integrated ceiling of a bathroom is almost 120-150 yuan/square meter

2. After the user plans to buy what kind of ceiling board, he should ask about the decoration cost. Some ceiling boards were bought to help you decorate. In this decoration, we should discuss the decoration cost with the merchants. On the other hand, it should be noted that the integrated ceiling is associated with electrical appliances. In this regard, we should discuss the price of relevant electrical appliances in advance. So as not to quarrel with the merchants later because of the price

3. If you want the ceiling to be cheaper, you can only coordinate the material selection and decoration costs. In addition to those well-known ceiling materials, there are also many practical and relatively cheap ceiling materials on the market. For example, waterproof coating, this kind of material has good waterproof performance and will not change color after long-term use. Because in the bathroom, water is often wet, so we must pay attention to its waterproof property in the selection of materials. In addition, there is room to save money in terms of decoration costs. The decoration cost can be negotiated with the decoration workers. Generally speaking, the decorator charges a high price for the cost, so the decorator can discuss the price with him to see if it can be cheaper

the price of integrated ceiling in bathroom will be introduced here first. I hope it will be helpful to you. For more knowledge about ceiling, please continue to pay attention to the information platform





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