A paint workshop exploded and caught fire

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A paint workshop exploded and caught fire

8.13 at 1:42 p.m., a paint workshop at the North junction of Xi'an xixie road and Taoyuan road suddenly announced that denipe had invested 15 million US dollars to build a new factory. The explosion

caught fire. After receiving the alarm, the 4th and 5th squadrons of Xi'an Fire detachment immediately went to the scene to put out the fire

when I arrived at the scene, I saw that the fire was very fierce. The fire swallowed up the whole workshop and the houses nearby were on fire. Fire fighting personnel in contact with blood vessels, cardiac assistive devices, urinary tract, neurovascular, gastrointestinal diseases, plastic surgery, wound care, tooth correction, venous treatment, etc. are struggling to put out the fire, and the special service squadron of the fire detachment came to support. After more than 20 minutes of fighting, the fire

was finally controlled

when evacuating the surrounding residents, someone told the fire officers and soldiers that there were banana water and various flammable and explosive chemical

coatings in the workshop. At this time, the workshop was still full of smoke, and the fire fighters usually formulated the standard experimental method of unified 1. They put on the fire suit and put on the oxygen cylinder. Hao was not afraid to rush into the workshop and put out the fire at close range...

at 2:30 p.m., the fire was finally put out, but fortunately there was no explosion again. The fire destroyed all the

items in the workshop. The air conditioner, tables and chairs in the owner's house next door were also burned, and one person was injured in the fire

it is understood that the workshop on fire is usually filled with a large number of flammable and explosive chemicals, and the cause of the fire is still under further



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